WoW best review: Warfront with 370 level

Warfront in World of Warcraft is finally live. The Horde can get started and really thick booty get. After almost five days of the farming it can begin the attack at last.

On the European servers of World of Warcraft the Warfront from the Arathi Highlands is now available. Horde players can tap and easy rewards with item level 370.

Horde Warfront
Who can participate? Currently, only Horde players can participate, the level 120 is reached and the introduction quest line is completed. The registration is at the mission table at port Dazar’alor.

What are the rewards?

A quest reward sweetens the first successful conclusion of a war front. It is a reward chest, which drops a random piece of equipment with item level 370 waits. This is likely to be for most of the players are still a definite upgrade!
Besides, the opportunity to receive at the end of a Warzone and also Items with an item level of 340.

WoW Warfront guide

How is the Warfront? We will explain in a detailed Warfront guide. You need to capture several control points, gather resources (wood and iron) and the Arathi Highlands, piece by piece.

WoW Warfront guide

At the end of the battle, a boss that decides the victory is waiting.

When can the Alliance get?

According to the display, the Horde has exactly a week to the war front to participate. Then the Alliance loses control of Arathi and starts to collect resources about daily quests.

This process lasted last about 5 days. After that, the Alliance with the attack may begin.

These long waiting times are the Alliance with just for many complaints. So it would be possible that Blizzard at times. If this is the case, we will report it.
Have you already looked in the war fronts?