Mag’har Orc and Dark Iron Dwarf Unlock Requirements

The activation of the new allied race is a bit easier. A reputation gain bonus for several days is back in WoW! In World of Warcraft, many players are just trying to get the reputation off to the allies, the peoples of the Mag’har Orcs and dark iron dwarves get to unlock.

For this, you need the reputation – 7. Now there is a 10% Buff to all Rufquellen, such as world quests or normal Quests, the Darkmoon faire is back.

Where is the Buff?

At the fair, a carousel, a ride can. The necessary tickets there are at the Pandarin, which is directly in front of it. As long as you ride on the carousel, builds you slowly a Buff.

Where is the Buff
This increases up to one hour and granted in this life 10% extra reputation from all sources. Perfectly to meet a few world quests or emissary Quests! The Buff you can get for you, as long as the market remains.
By the way, the Buff is stack with other bonuses (such as the people bonus).

How to get to the Darkmoon faire?

Employees of the Darkmoon market in every major capital of the Horde and the Alliance and teleport you for a small fee, directly to the portal that leads to the island of the fair.

Alternatively, you can take also directly into the forest of Elwynn, and the Portal to the South of Goldshire (Alliance) or as a Horde player to thunder bluff, at the foot of a Portal.

How long the Darkmoon faire? The market is always exactly 7 days, starting on the first Sunday of the month. Use this time to increase your reputation stronger.

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