Double Raid works in Patch 8.1

World of Warcraft new Patch

What makes the Raid so unique and how it operates in the new Patch. We would like to explain this one. Incidentally, the present Raid – Uldir was just mythically washed up a few hours ago.

What do you think about Blizzard’s idea of making a Raid from two viewpoints in Warcraft new patch? This is a cool thing to generate content more unique? Or is it worth it, since you can see everything anyhow?

World of Warcraft new Patch - aiononline-powerleveling

The Alliance utilizes it’s newly acquired force to lead an immediate attack against the Empire of this Zandalari Trolls. It attacks Dazar’alor and attempts to fight from the interface on top of the Pyramid to conquer King Rastakhan. Read more about Battle for Dazar’alor.

None side overlooks a thing

All players have full access to the nine bosses to make sure that no one side misses. Players of WoW can be informed in Retrospect by scouts about an experience of another faction.

So, you may also attack after play and struggle against the three bosses which intended for your Alliance.

In total, there will be the four-star bosses in the brand new Raid. There are just three out of the Horde’s point of view, three out of the alliance’s standpoint. That’s why remaining bosses are “neutral” and may be beneficiaries of Chaos.

It would be possible, as an example, to be a competitor of blood control or a Loa who has been out of management. It isn’t confirmed yet. Meanwhile, Gamers of the Horde learn the attack and try to rush into the defense of the town. You have to take another way and make your path to the top of the Pyramid.

None side overlooks a thing - aiononline-powerleveling

The release date

WoW and Battle for Azeroth? When does the Raid seem? When will be BfA leveling?

However, there’s a release date of BfA Patch 8.1. Moreover, the Raid is probably coming straight to the launch of the upgrade, although just delayed. Check out new BfA patch 8.2.

And all gamers have the opportunity to follow the new war effort (because the somewhat disappointed).

Furthermore, many guilds are still occupied with the very first Raid – Uldir.

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