WoW: the best BfA armor set

War mode in BfA

With the Battle for Azeroth, players in World of Warcraft have the opportunity to switch to war mode and to gamble virtually in a pure PvP environment. This is rewarded with extra XP, but the constant danger of enemy players. And that makes a lot of fun!

BfA PvP rules

PvP is not just area of expertise. I win some duels, and also at the fair to meet my priestess emerges sometimes as the winner, but for a high Rating it will be enough for me, never.
For more on the Subject of war mode in WoW, the PvP is replaced Server – And that’s good!
Nevertheless, I have a lot of joy at the war mode, Not only the extra experience points are an incentive, but also the funny encounters.
Since my equipment is already quite solid, I was able to turn the page quickly and hit the owl in flight. He threw himself into the sea, and threw his travel form to escape as the sea lion quickly.
The artifact angel is the PvP-Turbo in the water
Then I had a (in my rather rare) flashes of genius. After all, I still have my Arte angel artifact in the bag, and when you Create these, it allows my character to transform into a fish that swishes through the water. Thus, the druid could not escape me, and made me proud 10 honor points.
And what is the most beautiful feeling, when a Plan succeeds? Correctly, if the player umloggt then and a of cheating bezichtet, because it was “faster than a druid in the water”.
Even if it’s a bit catty, this satisfaction, this small sense of Superiority, I liked it.
At least until I was in the group of Horde ran, then made a small wood out of my Draenei.
No matter. I have fun on war mode, and can him at who like the added thrill. PvP in the Open World was never more interesting – the my Battle for Azeroth really good.
The artifact weapon is proving to be a loyal companion to all players, who try to escape to the open sea.