World of Warcraft Battle Pets guide in BfA 8.1

With a little trick of the world quests in WoW: Battle for Azeroth, quite simply, when it comes to wow battle pets. We will tell you how you can complete easily. World quests in World of Warcraft, the best way to gain a quick reputation with the new factions from Battle for Azeroth. But only a few players can make friends with pet battles, though this kind of world quests have a lot of reputation.

WoW how to heal battle pets

Who does not have a large team of strong pets, can now breathe a sigh of relief – with a little trick these quests are no longer a problem! Learn also BfA hunter pets guide.

WoW how to heal battle pets

Battle pets updates

The world quests, to pet battles, to scale with the level of your own pets. If you want to complete a quest, simply select a full team of pets that are level 1. Many of the quests are so easy because opponents have only one ability and this is often a multi-round cooldown. Thus, they are at the mercy of the attacks of your wow battle pets unprotected.

The level of the opponents is always to your strongest battle pet in the team. A pet to level 3 and the other is at level 1. Pets of the opponent will be on level 3.

What the world quests?

In the Battle for Azeroth the rewards of world quests, which include pet battles are, for the first time really worthwhile. Because the missions give as much reputation as the other quests in the area and are therefore a valuable contribution to rapidly respectful or even reverent in the important groups. In addition to pet rewards, there is often artifact makes for the heart of Azeroth.

What the world quests

Boss with the exception of fights

This Trick only works in the case of pet-trainers – NPCs who will compete even with three Pets. Certain Boss enemies that show up alone are exempt. You are always on level 25 and need a strong team to be defeated.

This is also for all who have been before Pet Battles spared, is the perfect way to into this system to find.
Did you get the rewards from the Battle Pet-world quests? Or is this nothing for you?