Uldir Raid Guide for WoW: How to kill G’huun

BfA raids offer for many PvE players, the biggest challenge in World of Warcraft. The right preparation is important for success and makes starting easier. With our overview of your ideal are prepared.

The first raid in the Battle for Azeroth will be Uldir, an old boss G’huun is waiting for you. G’huun is the final boss in Uldir. Check all Uldir bosses overview in the best guide.

The proper raid preparation: equipment

The proper raid preparation: equipment

To defeat Uldir, you should prepare yourself beforehand with the right equipment for the upcoming battles. As you equip yourself properly we have explained in detail in this guide for you. So you can use your equipment but also the best possible, you should provide all the available parts with enchantments and stones. Read full WoW Uldir Guide and learn how to defeat the old boss G’huun.

Ring enchantments in Battle for Azeroth

Your rings and weapons can be enchanted. Ring enchantments grant you a small bonus to a secondary stat and are available in 2 versions.

Ring enchantments in Battle for Azeroth

Pacts to increase the appropriate secondary value by 37. Seal increase the appropriate secondary value to 27.

Weapon enchants

Weapon enchants will give you access when you attack or cast spells, the chance of a particular effect or increase some values and effects directly. Power of the elements: a chance elementary spell to increase damage by 10%.
Gale-force blow: chance on melee and ranged attacks to increase the attack speed for 15 seconds by 15%. Your equipment is the heart of Azeroth stronger. So you use the heart and his talents. In the Battle for Azeroth the weapons you can enchant with the “navigations”. Navigations give you the chance to receive a stack of a buff that increases the secondary value of 50. At 5 Stacks, the Buff is consumed and you gain 10 seconds of +600 to the corresponding secondary value.

  • Critical Strike – Deadly Navigation;
  • Versatility – Versatile Navigation;
  • Armor – Undeviating Navigation.

Alchemy in the Battle for Azeroth

Vial for primary values: bottle to increase to Your Primary stat for an hour 238 (357 in the case of endurance). The effect of the bottle lasts one hour (longer for alchemists), and over death.

Alchemy in the Battle for Azeroth

Agility – flask of the currents;
Intelligence – the bottle of infinite depth;
Strength vial of the Tiefensogs;
Endurance vials of the vast horizon.

Alchemy: potions in Battle for Azeroth

Potions for primary values: potions allow you to strengthen for 25 seconds, your combat power to the extreme. You should, if you are a phase in the boss fight you have in you especially much power you need to bring or can. Battle potions increase the value to 900 (stamina by 1100).

  • Battle potion of agility;
  • Battle potion of intelligence;
  • Battle potion of strength;
  • Battle potion of endurance.

Note: The figures refer to the values that specify the tooltip of the courts. The resulting buff indicates values of 52 and 70, the values in the character window may differ even. As soon as the bug is fixed, we adjust the numbers correctly. Learn more about all bfa professions.

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