WoW Uldir Raid Guide in Battle for Azeroth

To be supplied to the start from the new raid in World of Warcraft with everything, we have a preparation list at a glance. So your Uldir checklist! The entrance to Uldir is located in the chilling Nazmir.

Uldir raid: everything you need to know

Raids can be for newcomers or re-entrants due to their size confusing because between 10 and 30 players play at the same time. Even veterans can forget and things to prepare for. With our checklist, you have all the important information for successful raiding.

Uldir raid: everything you need to know

What is Uldir? Uldir is in the history of WoW an old plant of the Titans. In the Battle for Azeroth is a raid with eight bosses, you can defeat is Uldir, to get you to loot:

  • Normal Difficulty: Item Level 355+
  • Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 370+
  • Mythical difficulty: Ilvl 385+
  • Raid finder: item level 340+

The right preparation

In order to be in raids successfully, you need the right preparation to Uldir raid. This is to ensure that you get all the characters from your and the raid runs as smooth as possible and without any major problems.

Get the right equipment

We recommend that the average scale item level of 335 for Uldir in normal mode. In our guide you will learn how to equip you properly for Uldir.

BfA Addons

With the right addons the boss fights are significantly easier. We recommend for Uldir, especially deadly boss mods, and WeakAuras 2. Looks best in front of the raid again after updates. We have also compiled a list with the 9 most important best addons for BfA for you.

BfA Addons

Stock up with potions and vials

Potions, care of you for a few seconds with powerful bonuses for combat, vial strengths to you for an hour. We recommend for the first night, 40 of your best combat potions and 4 vials to take with you.

Power of food in Uldir raid

Tonic food or “Buff-Food” cooking you are after eating a Bonus to a Secondary stat. Some RAID leaders make “feasts”, in which you can use. You are not sure whether you can get a feast, pack up the precaution of 40 units Buff-Food.

In Uldir you can get with a bit of luck, new equipment. So you can use it immediately, you can take some of the enchantment with rolls for rings and weapons, as well as socket stones. So you can wear your new prey immediately, and old parts replacement.
Power of food in Uldir raid