WoW poll: Battle for Azeroth Statistics for Alliance and Horde

We have evaluated our WoW surveys, where your opinion could manifest. The results are there and they are clear. We have made a few days ago to ask a few questions to Battle for Azeroth.

Now we are in the polls and come to the result: The latest expansion of World of Warcraft to our readers.

BfA Horde vs Alliance

BfA Horde vs Alliance

The Alliance, however, is still a little more content than the Horde, only 5% are disappointed by Battle for Azeroth. The survey on satisfaction with the Battle for Azeroth has supplied some interesting numbers – have attended more than 3000 people.


With 55% more than half of our readers Battle for Azeroth. More than 1/5 of the reader (22%) finds it is still too early to form an opinion. You do not want to leave the coming weeks, and additional features, such as the raids and Warfronts to experience before you have a clear picture.

BfA Kul Tiras and Zandalar

Divided almost 18% of our readers. You see a lot of positive aspects in the game, but also has some negative sides. In particular, the “artifact of power-Grind” is often mentioned as a negative point. In contrast, only 5% will ever find no pleasure in Battle for Azeroth, and are, therefore, rather disappointed.

BfA Kul Tiras and Zandalar

Kul Tiras is the more popular of the continent. There are in the Battle for Azeroth two completely different levels and story experiences, we put the question to the favorite continent.WoW poll: Battle for Azeroth

52% of our readers keep the continent of Kul Tiras is better managed. No wonder, the exciting story of Jaina and the beautiful landscapes of Tiragardesund and Drustvar create an atmosphere, as it is known otherwise only from “The Witcher”

But Zandalar has fans, 30% of our readers are walking around in the dense jungle of Zuldazar or strip through the endless expanses of the deserts of Vol’dun.

This result corresponds to the, what did you expect? Or you would have thought that more people are disappointed by Battle for Azeroth? Does the result correspond to the opinion in your circle of friends?