WoW news: Azerite Grind in Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft has some Azerite grind elements, in which players have long to nibble on. But it is too hard? We want to know with the poll!
With the release of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, there are plenty of in Kul Tiras and Zandalar to do.

While the players are world quests, artifact power, or collect the best equipment in the Dungeons to search, some of the fans frustration. The grind is just too hard and clearly noticeable.

The issue of Azerite Grind

In the official forums people are busy discussing whether or not Blizzard has overdone it this time with the grind. Island Expeditions in the duration of running are almost a must for all who want to dust makes the greatest possible value to the artifact and the repeated running of Dungeons for the best equipment is also mandatory program.

Who would like to have a lot of work also needs to play a lot and sometimes tedious and repetitive to complete tasks?

The issue of Azerite Grind
But maybe all of this is a Problem of “the top 0.1% of” that just want to be there for the raid fully prepared.
What do you think about grind in the Battle for Azeroth?

WoW grinding

If the grind is too hard or much too lax, has already been discussed a lot in the comments. However, a clear picture of how many of our readers with the Grind happy and how many of them are discouraged, we do not have yet. So it is time for a poll!

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Cortyn says: I personally don’t find the grind too hard. I am glad that I also have in a week or two a few things I can work towards. From me will come like a few more Paragon rewards, for all the world to lose quests on Zandalar their charm, as soon as the 7. Legion is awesome.