WoW poll: Which continent do you like in Battle for Azeroth better?

BfA locations: Horde and Alliance continent

Horde and Alliance have completely different areas in WoW: Battle for Azeroth. We want to know from you, which continent is successful.
Battle for Azeroth is released for exactly one week. More and more player of World of Warcraft has now seen a large part of the new territories, and your opinion of Zandalar and Kul Tiras is formed.

Many players enjoy the more tranquil and sprawling desert of Vol’dun for the Horde, while Alliance players are quick to praise all the depressing and creepy atmosphere from the Drustvar.

Zandalar or Kul Tiras – Where is it more beautiful?

Now it is time, that your your mind away! Which of the two continents did you like better?

Are you rather on the side of the Alliance with the Tiragardesund and his pirate stories, the creepy witch of the forest of Drustvar and the picturesque landscape of the Sturmsangtals?

Or are you standing more on the side of the Horde, with the vast desert of Vol’dun, the chilling morass of Nazmir and the wild jungles of Zuldazar?

Cortyn says: Visually, it did to me, especially the Tiragardesund. I love the rather “quiet” mountain landscape with small forests, many caves, and the numerous settlements of people.

Especially the property of the Norwinsens like me, but also the free port, with its many pirates is a real eye-catcher. To Tiragardesund there is simply nothing to complain about – every Detail of the environment.

bfa locations

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