WoW Vol’jin Questline in Battle for Azeroth

A new quest series creates excitement for the Horde in World of Warcraft. There is still more Story to Vol’jin! After the release of Battle for Azeroth, more and more content from the players activated. After Alliance, were recently able to experience the dramatic finale of the Jaina quest.

A new questline around the dead, and Vol’jin makes for the anticipation of things to come.

Unlocking the Vol’jin Quest

The quest series there is, logically, only for Horde players. You must have achieved the success of “The final seal”. This means that you must have all three areas and the final scene of the campaign. After you collect by world quest reputation with the Zandalari Empire, up to the level of respect achieved.

Unlocking the Vol'jin Quest

Who is Vol’jin?

Vol’jin was the last boss of the Horde and was wounded during the attack, the Legion is deadly. In dying, he told him the spirits had granted clarity, which led, in turn, that he made Sylvanas to the Warchief. What happens in the quest line? So far, players have only seen the first step of the quest series. Here, the Hero gathers the ashes of Vol’jin and bring them to the Zandalar, and thus Vol’jin’s spirit in the case of other honorable Zandalari can rest. The Loa of death, Bwonsamdi, however, has other plans and takes the urn – only to find that Vol’jin’s spirit to escape. Where he disappeared to, is not clear.

WoW fans like Vol’jin

Many players are happy to finally hear something again from Vol’jin. A large part of the Horde was very disappointing, as the Troll in the Legion died. This was mainly due to the fact that he has done after his appointment as Warchief, nothing worth mentioning in the game before he died again.
How it goes with Vol’jin, is sure to be announced. Because while the players will continue to increase the reputation with the Zandalari Empire, you unlock more and more WoW Quests.

You can look forward to new stories from Vol’jin? Or does it bother you that the dead characters will return in WoW somehow?