WoW War Mode in Battle for Azeroth

The war mode in World of Warcraft splits our readers. Our survey shows that the players are divided into three camps. A few days ago, we asked you to the war mode from World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

We wanted to know how and whether your war mode and you have taken part in the survey. Now it is time, the results of our reader analyze.

war mode

War mode statistics

  • A total of 57% of our readers choose the war mode. You streak through Azeroth and have permanently the threat of an attack from the Horde and the Alliance in the neck.  Also, the motivation for this is, however, quite different:
  • 34%, i.e. slightly more than one-third of the Voting, use the mode and also run PvP you actively search for a skirmish
  • 23%, however, the war mode is enabled only because they are on the 10% bonus to sharp.
  • Almost half of avoiding the war mode with 43% of the participants in our survey a large part of the player to not only inspire but even from war mode too.

You can avoid this type of gaming completely, and prefer to enjoy the game world without the constant threat of attack from the opposing faction.

War mode statistics

Opinions from the WoW Community

The survey was commented by you diligently. Also in the comments, the shared opinion is reflected. Here are a few excerpts:

RageD: “I have it enabled from the start, but also because of the 10% on everything. PvP is and remains for me in this game, just uninteresting.”

Bonebanger: “You can turn off as a Rogue in PvP? No, seriously, I think the War mode is the best thing you could do since the X-Realm-introduction.”
Oliver Flosdorf: “I from have the war mode. Think it is good that each player can now decide himself how he wants to play”.

The PvP-Server and the introduction of the war mode are for all sides. The results of the survey coincide with the game of your friends? Or your circle of friends unit is in war mode or the normal mode?