WoW Warfronts guide: Play and win in BfA

Warfronts are one of the significant new features in World of Warcraft. Here you can learn all about the BfA feature. The opening of the Warfronts we have answered all critical questions for you. With our information, you are well prepared for the new content.

What are the rewards? Weapons and armor of the Warfront quests and world boss, pets, toys, and mounts. So let’s start.

What Warfronts are?

In Warfronts, the Alliance and the Horde in the Battle for Azeroth fight for control of strategically important points on Azeroth. A group occupied such a position, the other tries to capture it. If this succeeds, the spit turns.

What Warfronts are

The first war front in the Battle for Azeroth will be the Arathi Highlands. Although, it’s supposed to give at a later time, however, other war fronts. There is already evidence that the land broke to a Warfront.

Do I need to play PvP?

No. War fronts are a pure PvE activity for up to 20 players fighting in a battle for control. Players build a base and carry troops in the field. The goal is one of the various enemy NPC commander, which can occupy the points, turn off before this can beat the attack back. For PvP Enthusiasts, there is the war mode in Battle for Azeroth.

Do I need to play PvP

What are the rewards?

If you participate in the Warfronts or part of your faction has control of a war front, you can different rewards dusting. Weapons and armor of war fronts.
The war fronts will reward you with cosmetic armor and cosmetic weapons that you can use for Transmogrification. The equipment is based on the Model of the PvP gear for season 26, the first PvP season in BfA.

The equipment is for the Arathi war in front of a specific color combination that reflects the colors of the Horde and the Alliance. There are three variants of the armor:

  1. Variant gets her randomly after the completion of a Kriesgfront – Tier 1.
  2. The version you get from rare spawns and world bosses in Arathi and from reputation merchants of your faction War – Tier 2.
  3. Tier 3 – version just so happens to be in the reward boxes for the weekly Warfront quest included.

What are the rewards in Warfronts
Quests and world bosses

If your faction has taken on a Warfront, you will get access to activities in the outdoor area of the Arathihochlands. The area is brought to you in a separate phase, in the rare opponent and a world boss kill and quests to do.
By the way, as long as your faction holds the war front, you can directly from the capital from there.

Quests and world bosses

For the participation in the war fronts, the preparations for the war front and do quests, your reputation will get in the Horde or Alliance.