Why the Warfronts so long to wait in BfA

Warfronts explanation

Ion Hazzikostas took the time and explained why the Alliance has to wait that long for Warfronts in World of Warcraft.

The Game Director of World of Warcraft, Ion Hazzikostas, in “Ask me anything” (AMA), decided the pressing questions of the players.

He took several hours of time and answered many of the issues that tortured the players. Especially this topic caused quite a stir.

What was the problem?

When it was announced that the Warfronts would begin soon, all the players were on fire. However, there was rapidly a shock. While the Horde was allowed to participate after a short delay, the Alliance players are still waiting.

Warfronts explanation - aiononline-powerleveling

As only one side can attack, the other can be as long as to kill a world boss Rare Mobs in Arathi Highlands. However, only a single time. Then the front needs to first change the owner.

However, Hazzikostas acknowledged that poor communication as a reason. He has made communication an abysmal job of it.

Test for the times of the individual phases during the Beta to be much shorter. The Front moved approximately every three days. Now running approximately 25 days, depends on the activity of the players a little more or a little less. Play and win.

Limitation of rewards in Battle for Azeroth

Another reason for the long duration of the change is that you want to give the players a particularly strong reward (such as 370 armor from the quest), without this reward is often available, and other content canceled. If you get only every three to four weeks to these great rewards, the influence on the other content small.

Limitation of rewards in Battle for Azeroth - aiononline-powerleveling

More Warfronts to solve the problem

Hazzikostas mentioned that in the future more war fronts. The various Timer and wait times would be just with each other so that it is more likely to do something. While the Horde fights about Arathi could be players in the Alliance to conquer another Front.

What do you think of Hazzikostas statement? It makes sense, is coherent and comprehensible? Or Blizzard has screwed up it’s easy?