WoW Feral Druid Damage Buff in BfA

A number of buffs to encourage druids in WoW, were buffed of up to 20%.
With the start Battle for Azeroth, there should be a basic balance between the various classes in World of Warcraft.

However, specialization is particularly strong from the grid. Many players avoid this specialization, because it just makes too little damage in Dungeons can’t keep up, and even when questing problems. Now, there are significant buffs.

What is reinforced

What is reinforced?

A total of three abilities of the feral druids get significant buffs. The changes are in details:

  • Brutal slots give 20% more damage.
  • Swipe deals 15% more damage.
  • Hit deals 15% more damage.

In addition, there is another Hotfix: druids will no longer lose their buffs berserk, tiger’s fury and incarnation: king of the jungle, if you change your form to heal around.The Buff remains in the form of exchange

The Buff remains in the form of exchange

This allows the druids to leave even for a short time, the form, to bring about regrowth and then with the buff in form.

Community wants more. While some players are happy that there are improvements for the druids, many are also disappointed. These buffs do not go far enough and they are allegedly only “a drop in the ocean”. The feral druid would need even more buffs to the other classes compete.