New Feral Druid in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

A new patch should help to a feral druid in WoW to more strength. Many skills will be significantly improved.

Class changes in BfA patch 8.1

The balancing of the classes in World of Warcraft is still far away from an optimal state. As usual, after the release of a new extension, must serve numerous allow an approach appropriate balance. The first fix for the feral druid was obviously not enough. Now more improvements are coming.

Class changes in BfA patch 8.1
Blizzard has presented some of the Changes to feral druids will affect in the new patch.

  • Energy regenerates 10%;
  • Rip 15% more damage;
  • The cost of brutal slots have been reduced to 25 energy (down from 30);
  • Swipe has been reduced to 35 energy (up from 40);
  • Cut was reduced to 40 energy (up from 45), but the damage has been proportionally reduced.

Even if some of these changes are nerfed, Blizzard will assume that the druid should now cause in all situations, more damage and the buffs outweigh.
The above changes were already presented.

It’s time to get acquainted with the newest wow patch 8.2 and learn everything about its updates and changes comparing to patch 8.1.

BfA Druid changes

In the long run, Blizzard has planned, however, additional changes to the druids and want to fix several problems with the class.

BfA Druid changes
Some of the long-term plans for the feral druids include:

  • Better talents for AoE damage;
  • Talents for area damage and single target damage should be the same in different talent rows;
  • Complete elimination of the hidden speed bonus, compensation by other mechanisms (faster energy regeneration, other rotation);

Whether all of these сhanges come from, and what are the solutions Blizzard for the individual problems, is not known.


What do you think the druids of these changes? He is now “playable”? Or just do a lot more, so you know the class? Currently, Blizzard is changing quite a lot.