Blizzard Promised Action Against World Quest Exploits

An exploit has led to major problems in the World Quests of World of Warcraft. Blizzard promised penalties for the players. The first player has received an awesome reputation with many factions in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.

The rail according to the current state to be impossible to use without a bug or exploit, and that was exactly the case. Who has taken advantage of the errors, it can be set on penalties.

What was the Exploit?

As at that time in the Legion, it was possible that some of the world quests by taking advantage of an error, an infinite number of times. Thus, players received multiple times, the reputation rewards of the corresponding Quest and were able to reach many of the groups already exalted reputation. Meanwhile, the Exploit has been fixed by a Hotfix.

What was the Exploit

More rewards due to the bug

At the same time, players could drag but there are also other rewards from the Bug. So you were able to capture for about several times the Gold rewards from the Quests, or pretty good gear to earn.

If there is a Quest granted to a belt with item level 320+, you could complete the Quest just as often, until the belt was forged at the highest level, titanium.

What kind of punishment awaits for the players, exactly, is still unknown. There are rumors that there is “only” a ban of three days there. A lot of fans ask, however, that there would be longer or even permanent penalties. Because several game mechanics were bypassed deliberately, and it would be obvious that this was not a deliberate exploit.More rewards due to the bug
What do you think of this issue? Should Blizzard distribute hard and harsh punishments? Or is it Blizzard’s fault that an Exploit was even possible?